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FAQ – Basic questions

Our Amazon Wines are made of 100% natural fruits, growing wild inside a high biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest. We do not use juice concentrates or similar products. Each wine is made exclusively from the pure fruit, if needed enriched with spring water or finest handmade-sugar and fermented with historical yeasts from the Saxon wine-growing region Meissen, along the Elbe.

The only “additives” we use are love ❤️, patience ⌛ and old family secrets 🤫.

Our Amazon Wines produced as it was +1.000 years ago, but combined with modern bottling processes and quality control that is customary according to German standards.

Being fruit wines, some of our wines have low levels of tannins – with the exception of Acai wine – and should therefore be enjoyed within 12 months. While our lab tests have shown that a well-stored Amazonas wine bottle will happily last up to 10 years but we don’t recommend it. We just don’t have the relevant experience for long-term storage.

Short: Enjoy your wild wines within 12 months – you probably won’t even be able to wait a single day anyway 😛

Sorry my dears, but that’s a big trade secret. What we can say: It’s the result of nearly 6 years of experience and testing coupled with a few old family secrets and a sprinkling of tips passed down by word of mouth from indigenous friends.

Please note that we do not always ship immediately in South and North America. We are currently proceeding as follows:

We collect all orders for North and South America for 6 days. On Friday, we bring all shipments personally with the boat to the DHL warehouse in Manaus, from where the shipment is made. The delivery time from the time of delivery to DHL is usually 3 – 9 working days.

Orders from Europe, Africa and Asia are shipped from Germany with DHL. The delivery time in Europe is usually 3 – 5 working days. For Africa and Asia it is currently up to 10 working days, but we are working with partners from the countries on a better solution.

Yes, we are! We even believe to be the most sustainable winery ever. But everything has its Pro and Cons and we want to communicate them transparently.

The Pros by TUQANO

Our winery supports families and forest dwellers and with collection of wild Frutis we offers an alternative source of income to slash-and-burn, cutting and selling precious woods, the illegal prospecting for gold and fishing.

Where the wood of a tree otherwise has a capital value of US$ 100 (example), the collector can earn significantly more by collecting the fruit. In this way, awareness of the need to preserve nature is also indirectly strengthened, because healthy fruits grow better in an intact ecosystem and are significantly more disease-resistant with a high level of biodiversity.

At the same time, we are planning a training center to familiarize people with the creation of forest gardens based on old Indian models – for example in the form of mixed and permaculture or the production of Terra Preta do Índio.

Anyone who thinks that donating money to curious NGOs protects some piece of rainforest is often wrong. Mostly – though not always – it just soothes one’s conscience, but nothing more. The forest currently needs some form of economic importance and we achieve this by collecting wild fruits, by “cultivating” the extremely rare stingless melipona bee and the creation of ecological forest gardens.

So that means, even if it sounds contradictory: The more wine we can sell, the more people will collect fruit, create forest gardens and protect the forest.

The Cons by TUQANO

Being transparent means being honest. A disadvantage is of course the world-wide shipping of our wines. Our wish is to ship to Europe and Asia with sailing cargo ships in the near future. This actually already exists, but the quantities we ship to other continents are still too small.

But we will not rest on our laurels and will work tirelessly to improve it. And if you would like to sell our wines as a wholesaler in your country so that we can already reduce the footprint, then please contact us.

FAQ – B2B questions

The best support is if you distribute independently our wines in your country in the premium area of range. We are open to any form of cooperation – we love honesty, transparency and fairness. So we can deliver our wine in large containers and the bottles can be filled at a bottler in your country, to reduce the ecological footprint.

We currently assume that with every 12th bottle sold, we can employ another forest dweller with the wild collection. Of course we want to grow organically and always deliver the highest quality and not become a mass product. Therefore, we prefer to work with small and medium-sized companies or Influencers 🧙🏾 who want to be part of an honest, sustainable project – and not just on paper.

To be honest, we are still in the path-finding phase here, since we only officially started the project this year – after 6 years of refinement.

Theoretically, in the long term we can produce up to 30,000 liters per month and actually do so sustainably and in harmony with nature. Everything can be validated and checked on site 😉.

An enlargement is always possible, but currently we are baking even smaller rolls which taste better – and the start-up times to increase the capacities are quite long, since we personally search for our Harvesters in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest and the Ways are sometimes extremely long and time-consuming. So it also depends on the mutual cooperation and the type of cooperation.

With Tuqano you bring your own sustainability marketing to a new, particularly transparent level.

We offer a hand of selected Premium partners the opportunity to advertise with real sustainability. Of course not in the sense of “We donate 1%” or other Selling-tricks 🥱!!!

We offer real reforestation, real social projects that you, your partners and your customers can visit on site in the Amazon. No tricks, no excuses and of course, you can also produce your own advertising material with our indigenous friends or in the wild jungle and set yourself apart from the crowd of your competitors – Not just with phenomenal photos or videos, but with real transparency.

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